Garton's Auction Service is hosting the provincial government's Agricultural Crown Land Leases Auction next week. While bidding doesn't open until Monday, Larry Garton says you can already go look at the lots available.

"Just go to the Gartons Auction website, and click on the link to take them into the Crown Lands Auction. They can preview all the lots that are up for sale, it's all sorted by municipality and then the legal land description is on those lots. Once you click into each individual lot, you'll see the AUMs listed, the taxes, and everything else that comes about once you've purchased the right to lease these lots."

Garton says that the auction is not selling the land, but rather the right to lease the land for a certain period of time. It's also important to get registered early because, on top of the normal registration needed for an online auction, Garton says you also need to get approved to bid on Crown Land.

"Go to the Gartons Auction Website and click into the crown lands auction right now, so that they can get registered ahead of time and make sure that once they're registered on that site, go into any one of the lots that are on the site, and click on the button that says get approved to bid."

Crown lands have to approve anyone that wants to bid on the land, and that's why there is the extra step after you're registered. This year, Garton's has imposed a strict deadline to get approved, as there were some issues with late registration last year.

"The sale is on, ready for registration this week. Go on, get your Get Approved To Bid button pushed on one of the lots, so we can get that declaration out to you. We have an absolute deadline this year, we didn't do it last year and it led to some people leaving things to the last minute. So this year, we have an absolute deadline on February tenth, the closing day of the sale, of 12 noon."

You can get registered and approved to bid, and check out the available lots at the Garton's Auction Service website.