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The Dauphin Consumers Co-op says this past year was big for the company.
At last night's AGM, General Manager Lorin Eiffert says, thanks in part to the opening of the new food store, the group added 687 new members and hired 38 employees in Dauphin.
Eiffert also announced that in the last three years, they were able to invest about $17 million back into the community.
"The cash goes back and stays in the communities, it doesn't leave the community. It's very very great. We're thankful for the support we've received in the past year, especially with the food store construction and the reduced parking. The support on that was just absolutely fantastic."
Eiffert says sales were up for most of Dauphin's stores. Sales in the Food Store were up 15.8% from last year, and the Agro Centre saw an increase of 14.6%. The Dauphin Home Centre and Gas Bars saw a slight decrease, although Eiffert attributes the gas loses to low oil prices.
The AGM also featured an election for the Board of Directors. Ernie Sirski ran against three incumbent board members for one of three seats, coming out on top.
Sirski says being part of the Co-op board is his way of giving back to the community.
"I've had a fair bit of experience on boards in the past, and as we get older, we look around and say, maybe we should get more involved in our local community, rather than on national or provincial affairs."
David Rehaluk and Andre Luke both retained their board seats. Larry Miner was unsuccessful in keeping his.
Eiffert says $1,870,748 will be going back to Dauphin Consumer Co-op members this year. He is not sure exactly when the money will be sent out, but says it will happen in the near future.