CKDM is encouraging people to Put Your Money Where Your House is and support locally-owned businesses. 

Chuck Davidson, the President and CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce says locally owned businesses have had to change the way they do things over the last few years.

"We're always encouraging local businesses, and some of the things that they've done over the course of the pandemic as well, has been to provide that opportunity to do online and they've been creative in terms of making sure that there that they are able to compete and then they are able to be competitive on some of those stages as well."

Davidson says that keeping money in the community is the best way to grow your local economy.

"What we’ve really identified over the last couple of years is the importance of the business community in local communities in terms of what they give back, the jobs that they create, the investments that they make in the business, you know what they do for a community, the sponsorship that they provide for some of the programs running community as well it is extremely important and I think it's also important is that to make sure that these businesses can not only survive but also thrive, they need the local community to show their support."

Martijn Van Luijn, the Economic Development Manager for the City of Dauphin, will join me on-air Saturday, November 26th at 8:30 a.m. to talk about the benefits of a thriving local business community.

Put Your Money Where Your House Is 

The Russell Take a Year Off Lotto was a big success again this year, and tickets were sold out by the 2 p.m. deadline.

Camilla Kuhler of Bandon was the big winner and will get $1000 dollars a week for a year. Gerry and Roberta Cook from Binscarth won the 50/50 put and will take home the $27,017 pot.

Other winners:

  • Dale Zurbyk of Birtle won $5,000
  • Ed and Shelly Robidoux of Binscarth won $3,000
  • Jerry Standryk of Dauphin won $2,000
  • Susan Broustal of Ashern won $1,000
  • Kerry Holman of Brandon won $1,000
  • Eileen Heap of Russell won $500
  • Pam Alexander of Minnedosa won $500

Parents with sick kids who have been grappling with a shortage of children's Tylenol and Advil for months will be getting some relief soon.

Health Canada officials say one million bottles of children's medication will be distributed to hospitals, pharmacies, and retailers after next week.

Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Supriya Sharma says a foreign supply has already started to arrive in the country.

It comes as hospitals have reported surges in the number of kids admitted to emergency and intensive care units.

Carol Stewart is the new Director of the Parkland campus at Assiniboine Community College (ACC). She takes over the position from Gabe Mercier, who was Director for eleven years.

Stewart grew up in Dauphin and graduated from the DRCSS.

"I'm so pleased to be moving back here, it's an adventure for sure, [and] this time I'm bringing my family with me", commented Stewart.

After finishing high school in Dauphin, she went on to attend Brandon University. She then went on to graduate school at Western University in London, Ontario. Her time at Western led her to become an instructor for a few courses in geography and international development. Following that, she got a job with the Employment Sector Council in Ontario which is a network of organizations in southwest Ontario that deliver employment training and education programs.

"It really was a great sphere to be engaged with because it really demonstrates the importance of building a great work force, of supporting job-seekers and students, and engaging employers so that they know where they can find the talent that they need to grow their businesses as well", said Stewart.

When it comes to being the director of ACC's Parkland Campus, she mentioned she looks forward to getting to know everyone, as well as building on the existing relationships and partnerships that ACC has developed with the community. 

"Our biggest aim is to always be responsive to what employers and the business community need in terms of talent so that we can help to prepare students and eventual graduates to enter great jobs in their fields."

Stewart also mentioned the school hopes to grow the already significant population of Indigenous students at ACC, citing the population and the community-based contract programs as one of ACC's strengths in the Parkland.

"We welcome Indigenous students, faculty and staff, and community organizations to partner with us in any number of ways, and my plan is to grow that more."

Stewart welcomes people reaching out and you can contact her by calling the ACC Parkland Campus main phone line at 204-622-2222. 

Pork producers across the province continue their fight with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea(PED), as the province longest running outbreak to date enters its 13th month.

"The number of new cases has declined significantly, so I think we've turned a corner, but we're still in the outbreak that started October 17th of 2021, so it's been over a year."

Manitoba Pork General Manager Cam Dahl says the organization has been working hard to find the right solution to dealing with PED. The Manitoba Pork Council has formed a working group with industry representatives says, Dahl.

"We brought together key stakeholders in the industry, including of course producers from all parts of the province, the commercial vets from across the province as well, our integrated producers in HyLife and Maple Leaf, as well as the Chief Veterinary Officer, to really look at what we can do to ensure we don't have an occurrence of this every two years because that's not sustainable."

The group shared some details of the plan with producers at the Manitoba Pork district meetings recently, and Dahl says they'll be giving more information once it's complete.

"At our district meetings, which we just held recently, we gave a little bit of an update, but we don't have a document yet. We're going to have a document that outlines what that plan is, and some of the best management practices, but we're not quite there yet."

Dahl says the Council looked into what other jurisdictions have done to handle outbreaks in the past.

To give your listeners a little bit of a summary, we've looked at how PED has been addressed across North America, to see if there are best practices, and from that, it is really clear that trying to just live with the disease as something that's endemic isn't the best solution, and that aggressively moving towards eradication is the right outcome. So that's the question, how do we do that, what are the best management practices to have that eradication policy in place."

The provincial government's work on PTH 5A has been pushed back because of a delay in receiving information from the Engineering Service Provider, but the project is expected to move forward soon.

According to a provincial spokesperson, the project is expected to be advertised for tender within the next month, and once it's been awarded, they believe the work will start as soon as possible, with a proposed completion date of the fall of 2024.

The project was announced in May this year and will run 1.7 km from Whitmore Ave. to Triangle Road. Work will include:

  • Surface reconstruction with the creation of a divided highway.
  • All local accesses will connect to service roads and service roads connecting to PTH 5A at upgraded intersections to improve safety.
  • Creating a signalized intersection at the local mall entrance.
  • Adding service roads to both sides of the highway.

The City of Dauphin will also be funding a portion of the project, which will see an underground land drainage system built to handle future development in the area.

Farm Credit Canada is getting ready for its Young Farmer Summit in Winnipeg next Tuesday, November 22nd.

The event is free to attend for anyone under 40 that's involved in agriculture and food. FCC Manager of Content Marketing and Events, Jason Fiske, says it's a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry.

"We've been doing our learning events for almost 20 years now. I think it's an opportunity for us to be where people are and provide the time away from the farm to work on their knowledge and their business management skills, or just to connect with people in the industry, which seems to be a really popular component of what our events have to offer."

The event will feature a number of speakers from the industry, who will focus on topics like The Keys to Collaborative and Effective Teams, How to navigate financial risk in farming, and Entrepreneurship & Emotional Profit.

You can register for the event, and find more information about the speakers here.

The Dauphin Fire Department is once again going up against the Dauphin RCMP for a good cause. 

The 3rd annual Food Bank Challenge is underway, and you can choose to either Pack the Pumper or Cram the Cruiser. From now until Sunday, you can donate non-perishable items that will then be given to the Dauphin Food Bank. Items accepted include dry cereal, pasta and pasta sauce, canned meat and canned fish, canned beans, canned soups, canned fruit and vegetables, mac and cheese, and cartons of juice.

The Dauphin RCMP has had the upper hand in the first two years in this fun challenge. Cam Abrey says you can also donate cash if you would like to do that.

"Last year we (DFD) had around $700 in cash that was donated as a part of this challenge," said Abrey. 

Abrey says it has been an excellent experience working alongside the RCMP in a non-emergency response situation. You can take any donations to the Dauphin Fire Department between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. until Sunday. If you can't drop off your donation, call to arrange for pick up at 622-3100.

You can also deliver any donations to the Dauphin RCMP Detachment. 

Manitoba Hydro has submitted its General Rate Application with the Public Utilities Board.

“While we know rising costs are tough for many of our customers right now, and that no one wants to pay more for their energy, the rates we’re asking for are necessary to ensure we’re able to provide our customers with the safe and dependable service they need today and in the future,” said Jay Grewal, Manitoba Hydro’s President, and CEO

Hydro is seeking confirmation from the Board on the 3.6% interim rate increase it awarded in January of this year, as well as further increases of 3.5% on October 1st, 2023, and another 3.5% on April 1st, 2024.

“These proposed increases will help ensure Manitoba Hydro has the financial resources available to handle the risks created by our $24 billion debt load, and factors that are out of our control like fluctuating interest rates, export market prices, and water levels,”

During last year's drought, Manitoba Hydro Experienced a $248 million loss, while high precipitation and better prices on the export opportunity market this year mean the utility is projecting a net income of $559 million.

The Public Utilities Board has released a public notice about the application, and there are three ways that Manitobans can voice their opinion on the issue.

  1. As a Presenter – If you want to make a virtual or in-person formal presentation to the Public Utilities Board on this matter and are willing to respond to questions about your presentation, please go to and apply to become an approved Presenter. Presentations are limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  2. Written Comment – If you would like to comment in writing on the rate increase, please go to and provide your written comment.
  3. As an Approved Intervener – If you want to actively participate in the public hearing as an Intervener, please go to and apply for Intervener status. Interveners are required to represent the interests of a significant group of customers and may be required to combine their intervention with others representing similar interests.

The Dauphin R.I.D.E. (Reducing Impaired Driving Everywhere) Program has returned for its 30th year.

The service provides people in Dauphin and area with a safe ride home for them and their vehicle if they have been celebrating the festive season with alcohol or cannabis. The program begins on Friday, December 2nd, and Saturday, December 3rd, operating from 10 pm to 3 am each night.

Spokesperson for Dauphin R.I.D.E., Sarah Shuttleworth, says there is a need for volunteer drivers.

"Our last year was 2019, so our volunteer list has dwindled quite a bit since then, [and] we run solely on volunteers", commented Shuttleworth, who's grandfather John Shuttleworth headed the committee that started the R.I.D.E. Program 30 years ago

Volunteer drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's licence. The program also needs people to help with setup and to provide snacks to the volunteers. To sign up, you can call 204-638-1463 and leave a message, or contact their facebook page. The program is also welcoming donations of money to help with the cost of running it.


It is important to note that if you need to use the Dauphin R.I.D.E. Program, you must have a vehicle to bring home as well, and they will only take you home.

"We aren't a taxi service, you must have a vehicle. We will also not drive you from one party to another, we drive you straight home", noted Shuttleworth.

If you need to use the R.I.D.E. service, you can call 638-5707. It will be available from 10 pm to 3 am on the following nights:

Friday, December 2nd

Saturday, December 3rd

Friday, December 9th

Saturday, December 10th

Friday, December 16th

Saturday, December 17th

Friday, December 23rd

New Year's Eve, Saturday, December 31st

The Dauphin Christmas Parade of Lights is just ten days away, on November 26th, but it's not too late to sign up. Registration is open until this Friday, November 18th.

Parade Chair Pam Werbiski says they have five categories that people can sign up for.

"The categories are educational, religious, service club or group, commercial, and personal. We'd like to see everybody out, and there will be hot chocolate stands on route as well"

CKDM will also be playing Christmas music during the Parade on the 26th. You can register for the parade by texting 204-647-1155, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..