The number of people using food banks in the country has surged to an all-time high. A new report from Food Banks Canada indicates there were nearly 1.5 million visits to food banks in March, a figure that was 15 percent higher than the same month last year.

The March figure was 35 percent higher than visits in March 2019, before the pandemic hit. When it comes to the food bank in Dauphin, there has also been a sharp increase. Prior to the pandemic and prices rising, the food bank would give out about 130 hampers every month. Recently, things have been much busier as they're giving out nearly 220 hampers every month.

As a result, the shelves at the food bank in Dauphin are emptying quicker than ever and you can help re-stock them. You can drop off any non-perishable items at Parkland Crossing or at the Friendship Centre by asking for Robin Gambler. They're also looking for the following.

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The next intake is set for Thursday, November 10 followed by another one on November 24. There will also be one on December 8 followed by their Christmas hampers on December 22. If you are in need of some extra food, the food bank is open from 5 to 7 on the days listed above and you must bring your Manitoba Health Card to receive food. 

While the food bank in Dauphin continues to see a surge in the number of people coming in for hampers, Gambler says they will continue to serve the community.

"We want to make sure everyone has enough food in their homes to feed themselves and their family," said Gambler. "Twice a month, we're here to serve you."

The Grain Millers Harvest Showdown is back in Yorkton this week. Yorkton Exhibition put on a scaled-back event last year due to restrictions, but they haven't been able to hold the full event since 2019.

There's no shortage of events for visitors to choose from this weekend, including the return of Professional Bull Riding at the event. General Manager Barb Woytas says the full schedule can be found on their website.

"We have a full slate of events starting Wednesday, November the 2nd with our school tours. We have a horsepower showcase which includes a chore team competition, mutton busting for the kids, and heavy horse pulls. We also have stock dog competitions, a ranch rodeo which is you know, your real working cowboys, as well as our commercial cattle show and sale."

Woytas said after a few years off, they're really happy to have the show back this year.

"Well, 2019 would have been the last full show. We did have harvest showdown last year, but of course, we were limited with the restrictions that were in place due to COVID, and in 2020 we weren't able to have a show at all. We're really excited to have a full show back again this year, and obviously, a show like this doesn't happen without the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers so we want to give a big shout-out to all of those as well."

CN Rail has a busy fall, and recently set a record for the most grain moved in a week.

During the week of October 16th, CN moved over 806,000 metric tonnes of grain from Western Canada, breaking its previous record by over 50,000 metric tonnes. CN Chief Marketing Officer Doug MacDonald says it just shows what they can do when everyone works together.

“This performance shows what can get done when partners collaborate to create supply chain solutions to supply chain challenges. We are very proud to have set a new record for the amount of Western Canadian grain moved in a single week. We are confident that our railroaders will continue delivering results for Canadian farmers and all of our customers.”

CN also had its second-best September on record, moving over 2.64 million metric tonnes.

The City of Dauphin's Fall Cleanup Campaign has moved from the Day 2 area to the Day 1 area as of Friday.

Compost materials can still be dropped off at the waste disposal site northwest of dauphin. The city reminds the public to not bring plastic bags, household or commercial garbage or scrap to the compost site.

City crews will only collect the following items:

  • Accumulated garden waste
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Shrubs and tree branches less than 15 centimetres (6 inches) in diameter (2.44 metres or 8 feet maximum and piled parallel)

More information on the cleanup campaign can be found here.

The provincial government has launched a new Business Pathways website to support food and agri-product entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations throughout all stages of the business life cycle.

Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson says that the website can help Manitobans build their future in food, whether they have a new food product idea, see an unmet demand for local food, or simply want to grow a food business.

“This comprehensive resource fosters economic development and provides the business management, product and process development and marketing support that new and existing agri-food businesses need to effectively enter and compete in the domestic and global marketplaces,” Minister Johnson adds.

The province says that the new website incorporates resources, programs, and services provided by business service providers and industry partners from the entire ecosystem.

Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen says that agriculture is a major driver of Manitoba’s economy and that small businesses create many of the province’s skilled careers.

"Entrepreneurialism in the food space is exciting and innovative and offers great potential for growth and expansion. This new website will take out so much of the guesswork involved in launching, marketing and succeeding as a new business,” Minister Cullen adds.

For more information, visit

Mountain View School Division (MVSD) Superintendent and CEO Stephen Jaddock attended the XXVII Triennial Congress of Ukrainian Canadians in Winnipeg Friday.

Jaddock says that he was there representing the MVSD with an interest in the future of Ukrainian education in Canada and Manitoba.

"And also support for the newly-arrived Ukrainians that are in our communities and see what can be done for supports to them," he adds.

Stephen Jaddock went on to say that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke during the opening ceremony to announce a new bond program.

"The Government of Canada will be opening up a bond program, an investment program, for all Canadians... [who] would like to support Ukraine. It's almost like the Canada Tradings Bonds, but they're opening up bonds to support the efforts in Ukraine," he adds.

Jaddock says that he decided to attend the event in Winnipeg for a variety of reasons, ranging from community support to education.

"Looking at what we can do for strengthening the Ukrainian education and bilingual programs that we have across the country, particularly in Manitoba, and we have a school in Dauphin, Smith Jackson School, which is a bilingual single-track... Ukrainian-English bilingual school, so that is very important to look at and discuss," he adds.

According to the Prime Minister's website, the Government of Canada will issue Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds, which will help the government continue operations, including providing essential services to Ukrainians, like pensions, and purchasing fuel before winter.

The equivalent proceeds from this five-year bond will be channelled directly to Ukraine through the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Administered Account.

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Proceedings in the trial of Jack Winters continued today in the Aspen Lodge at the Parkland Rec Complex.

The Crown and defense each submitted statements and then agreed to reconvene from March 20th to March 23rd, 2023.

Winters is facing numerous charges related to a fatal collision in the RM of Dauphin in August of 2019.


UPDATE: Dauphin RCMP located Alexander Koski Friday in the area of 6th Ave. S.W. and 2nd St. S.W. at around 11:30 a.m.

They say that he was taken into custody without incident.

Update contributed by Nicholas Iatropoulos

The original article published on October 25, 2022, at 9:26 a.m. follows:

Early this morning, the Dauphin RCMP responded to a report of a break-and-enter at Parkview Lodge on 2nd Ave. NE.

When they arrived, officers found a small fire in the building and called the Dauphin Fire Department to attend to the fire while the RCMP helped evacuate citizens. The cause of the fire was determined to be arson. The fire was contained and there were no reported injuries reported.

Police have identified 21-year-old Alexander Koski of Dauphin as the suspect, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Koski is being charged with Arson with Disregard for Human Life and Mischief over $5000. He's described as 5’11”, approximately 165 lbs, with brown hair, and brown eyes. 

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Alexander Koski, should contact the Dauphin RCMP at 204-622-5050, call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or submit a secure tip online here.

The Dauphin Fire Department also provided an incident report for last night's fire, which can be found below.

At approximately 3:30 am today (Tuesday October 25), DFD was dispatched for a report of fire alarms sounding at 29-2nd Avenue NE (Parkview Lodge). On arrival fire fighters were met by RCMP who reported there was a fire located in the common area/dining room.

Fire fighters located a small fire but encountered heavy smoke conditions indicating a second fire nearby. Upon searching the area, they found a storage room located off the kitchen engulfed in fire. While crews worked to extinguish the flames, additional fire fighters worked floor by floor to evacuate the tenants of all 11 floors.

Following evacuation, fire fighters found smoke and heat had extended to the apartment located above the kitchen, there was no fire extension to the area. The tenant of the affected apartment has been relocated and is being assisted by the Canadian Red Cross.

The fire is suspicious in nature and is ruled as incendiary (arson). The RCMP, MB Office of the Fire Commissioner and DFD continue to investigate. If you have any information related to the person(s) responsible for this fire, please contact the RCMP at 204-622-5050.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning Canadians to keep an eye out for an invasive species that has been spotted in some Northern US States. The Spotted Lanternfly is native to Asia, and CFIA Senior Specialist Diana Mooij says the worry is eggs being brought into the country accidentally.

"It's got these pinkish grey wings with spots on them, and then when they open the wings it's this bright yellow colouration on the underwings, and the females have these bright yellow bodies. Unfortunately, the egg masses are the most likely way this is going to come to Canada and they're very difficult to identify. They could look just like splashes of mud or splashes of concrete, they're very dull gray-brown looking in colour."


While they haven't arrived in Canada yet, the CFIA wants to make sure people know what to do if they do spot them says Mooij.

"If somebody thinks they have found a spotted lanternfly in Canada, we would ask that they take a photo of it, secure the insect if they can or kill the insect, and then report it to the CFIA as soon as possible, providing that photo to us so we can have a look. From the photo, we should be able to identify it."

More information about the spotted lanternfly, including how to report a sighting can be found here.

Hallowe'en Fundraising Dances will be held in the R.M. of Lakeshore on Friday at the Ochre River Community Hall and on Saturday at the Lawrence Community Centre in Rorketon.

Rec Director Marie Sorlie says that a local DJ will be putting on a light show at both dances.

 "We're going to have a costume party. We're going to do [the] scariest costume and then [the] best-dressed costume... We have prizes thanks to Co-op... It's going be a really good time," she adds.

Sorlie went on to say that both of them will run from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and that there will also be food.

"Those regular 10:30, 11 o'clock snacks that [are] going to be a late lunch there as well," she adds.

According to Sorlie, this will be the first time that a Hallowe'en dance is being held in Ochre River.

"Rorketon has had one for a few years now. [The] last time [a dance was held] in Rorketon was.. 2019 and we almost had about 100 people attend that time, so it's time to do that kind of fun thing again. We've all been longing to get out and dance and have a party with friends and family. This is the opportunity," she adds.

Marlie Sorlie says that anyone interested in attending either dance must purchase a ticket in advance.

They can be purchased at one of the R.M. of Lakeshore's offices for $10.

Those unable to purchase tickets before 4:30 p.m. on Friday can reserve some for pick-up at the door by calling Marie at 204-648-4797.

The dance in Ochre River is open to people aged 18 years and older and the one in Rorketon is open to those 15 and up.

While the majority of trustee spots in the Mountain View School Division were filled by acclimation, there was still an election in Ward 3, with four candidates vying for two spots.

Ward 1, which includes the Roblin Municipality.

  • Leifa Misko (Acclaimed)
  • Floyd Martens (Acclaimed)

Ward 2, which includes the Municipality of Ethelbert, Gilbert Plains Municipality, Grandview Municipality, and a portion of the RM of Mountain.

  • Paul Coffey (Acclaimed)
  • Charlene Gulak (Acclaimed)

Ward 3, which includes the RM of Dauphin, RM of Lakeshore, Mossey River Municipality, and a portion of the RM of Mountain and McCreary Municipality.

  1. Gabe Mercier - 934 votes
  2. Jason Gryba - 482 votes
  3. Ashleigh Yaskowich - 457 votes
  4. Nick Jewel - 248 votes

Ward 4, which includes the City of Dauphin.

  • John Taylor (Acclaimed)
  • Kerri Wieler (Acclaimed)
  • Scott McCallum (Acclaimed)