David Bosiak and Kerri Riehl are the two candidates running to become the Mayor of Dauphin as the Municipal Election takes place on October 26. 

Now the list of candidates to join the council has been named and Jason Alf is on the list. Knowing Dauphin is where he wanted to live and work as a young man, Alf wants to continue giving back to the community. He believes now was the perfect time to try it out and he wants to help Dauphin grow into a place where everyone wants to live and stay.

"Anything I can do to help Dauphin try and remain a good place and a better place to live is what I'm interested in," said Alf. "I've always been a big supporter of things for the kids to do, things that will attract people to Dauphin to bring money into the community."

Alf believes Dauphin is a very safe place but he understands crime rates seemed to have been spiking as of late and that's also something he wants to tackle head-on. Jason has been extremely loyal to Dauphin for his entire life and he plans on continuing to be just that.

"I think people know me to be a pretty honest, hard-working individual," said Alf. "I'm pretty passionate about Dauphin, the only time I spent away was when I went to school and I had the intention of coming back. I believe people should vote for who they think would do the best job of representing their city and hopefully, that's me."

Stay tuned in the coming days as we will continue to highlight this year's candidates in Dauphin and the RM of Dauphin. You can still register to run for Mayor or council until September 20.