For the past 12 years, Jack Bremner has been representing residents in the RM of Dauphin as he's spent the last three terms on the council. During this time, Bremner says many things have been accomplished.

"The biggest thing we have accomplished during my time on council was giving rural water to the RM," said Bremner. "We were able to broker a deal with the RM of Gilbert Plains and Grandview. So we were able to purchase water and offer it to our residents."

Jack is now hoping they can continue to expand the water line to Sifton as they are having water problems. That's one thing on Jack's list if re-elected and another is rural crime. The RM meets with the RCMP about four times per year and although Jack says rural crime on farmer's land isn't a huge issue in Dauphin, he does understand there must be steps taken to limit any crime moving ahead.

Bremner also wants the council to be kinder and gentler just like they used to be when he first started.

"We have a lot of rules and we kind of beat up people with those rules," said Bremner. 

Jack is also very proud of how good the roads are in the RM and he says that will continue to be a major focus. The Municipal Election is set for October 26.

"I have quite a bit of knowledge and I know there are some new faces that are hoping to come on and they need to learn the ropes," said Bremner. "I'm hoping to help the young people and share my knowledge for the betterment of the RM of Dauphin."

Stay tuned in the coming days as we will continue to highlight this year's candidates in Dauphin and the RM of Dauphin. You can still register to run for Mayor or council until September 20.