Bev Sarkonak wants the provincial government to step up as crime rates have spiked in Dauphin over the past little while. From cars getting broken into to things getting stolen from yards and everything in between, Sarkonak says crime is a big issue.

That's why Sarkonak has decided to run for city council ahead of the municipal election which takes place on October 26. Bev wants to see change and although she knows the RCMP is doing what they can, more can be done.

"There isn't enough of them for the entire Parkland area," said Sarkonak. "I believe we need more and many people have come to me to share the same concern. Safety is a huge issue in this community and it's something that has to be focused on."

If elected, Sarkonak also wants to see Dauphin grow and become an even better place to live. Born and raised in Dauphin, Sarkonak says Dauphin is a tremendous place to live and she wants to spend the rest of her life here; however, she does believe there needs to be growth as well. 

"We need more industry. We have Vermillion Growers which is great and that's coming along nicely," offered Sarkonak. "There's open space on Industrial Road and I believe it's time that something happened there for the people of Dauphin. If we can get some industry going, it's beneficial for everyone in the community."

Sarkonak says she is ready to listen.

"We have an amazing community and I know there are ways to make it even better," ended Sarkonak.

You can join the race alongside Sarkonak until September 20 by visiting City Hall or if you want to run in the RM, you can visit the RM office.