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Talk has been brewing around this company for a while now, and this June, Obsolete Brewing's doors will open!

Obsolete Brewing Company recently took its beer selection to the Prairie Beer Awards in Regina, and company Co-owner Steve Sobering tells us the details about the awards they took home.

"Obsolete Brewing Company won a gold medal and a silver medal for both our coffee kolsch-style beer and our maple imperial stout. There was about 70-80 breweries across 2 provinces competing. We were really excited to bring home some recognition for the delicious beers we've been brewing."

The brewery will be located in the former Acklands building at 26 2nd Ave. NW. and the crew there have already been working hard to perfect their craft beverage selection. before opening their taproom.

Marcos Bardelli, the head brewmaster told us that the taproom will have more than just beer, but beverages that everyone can enjoy.

"We're going to brew many styles of beers, from traditional lagers, pilsners, and even some other light beers. we'll brew many different ones with fruits, sours, and stouts. We're also going to serve Kombucha which is a fermented tea and some non-alcoholic drinks as well like craft sodas and ginger ales."

Obsolete Brewing has been in the works for quite some time, as the company was incorporated late in 2020. Since then, Sobering says the company has been moving forward with a well-defined goal for the future

"We're really hoping to make it that great community space. it's been a long journey, but we're getting close to our finish line and we're working hard to make good on all our promises"

Sobering hopes that the brewery creates a whole new avenue for tourism in the city, but also makes a place for everyone in Dauphin to celebrate together with great drinks and great company too.