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Dauphin is an active, busy, and growing city, and the city wants to hear from you about the shape of its future.

Just last week, a small gathering of stakeholders gathered on 2nd Ave NW to discuss its progress led by Martijn Van Luijn, the city's economic development manager.

"We're trying to re-envision 2nd Avenue Northwest, and we've given a token of 'craft district' but that's only to start the conversation. We have a unique set of businesses on this street that fit that character."

Van Luijn notes that he wants to make this a community project, and he wants to hear from everyone interested in how this city can grow and flourish.

An urban planner was invited to this small gathering to share some ideas in the form of various boards, sketches, and pictures, all of which can be found by a visit to City Hall.

Van Luijn encourages anyone who wants to shape the evolution of this city to stop by and add to these ideas.

"Come and talk to me, my door is always open. We can share the vision boards with people. If they feel they want to be involved with the conversation, I would love that."

So, if you have thoughts on how you want your city to develop, visit or call City Hall and let your voice be heard.