Devin Shtykalo is aiming to remain on Dauphin City Council as he runs in the municipal election.

Shtykalo is originally from Dauphin, moved to just outside Winnipeg at age 12, and then went to university in Winnipeg.

He moved back to Dauphin in 2007 with his wife and since then, they had three children who all grew up in Dauphin while attending the schools in the community.

Devin Shtykalo says that people should vote for him because he's a community-minded and community-focused individual who has a passion for making Dauphin the greatest city to live in.

"I take pride in the accomplishments that the City of Dauphin [has been]... able to achieve... I'm willing to continue on that path and to work for the citizens of Dauphin to bring any ideas... concerns or issues forward," he adds.

Shtykalo says that he's running because there have been a lot of key projects that have started over the last few years and he would like to continue on that path.

"[I want to] make sure that the projects and the ideas continue to happen and that the City of Dauphin progresses forward on a sustainable path... [that would make]... it an amazing community for the residents here and visitors alike," he adds. 

If elected, Devin Shtykalo says that he would start out by looking at the City's strategic plan with fellow council members and make some of the outcomes of the plan some of the goals and focuses for the next few years.

"And also to just bring forward any ideas that I've heard along the way throughout this election period and campaign period. Citizens have brought forward some ideas and... I want to make sure that those are brought forward and discussed and make sure that... those are reflected in some of the council goals going forward," he adds.

As for the crime situation in Dauphin, Shtykalo says that it's something that the City takes really seriously.

"City Council meets regularly with the police service here and they'll continue to do that as the City has a good working relationship with them... Through that relationship, the City is able to bring concerns and issues forward, so that the RCMP can hear those and can address those through their channels for sure, but also to continue exploring and looking at alternative safety measures, like the Citizens on Patrol Program," he adds.

A complete list of candidates running for office in the City and R.M. of Dauphin can be found here.