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A 15-year-old male has died after jumping out of a vehicle last month.

On June 13, Lundar RCMP received a report that the 15-year-old had jumped out of a moving vehicle on Highway 6 near Road 168N in the RM of Grahamdale. The 15-year-old from Pinaymootang First Nation had suffered severe injuries. 

He was in a vehicle with three other male youths when he reportedly opened the rear passenger door and jumped out while the vehicle was travelling at high speeds. He was transported to the local hospital and then transferred to Winnipeg Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

A new program has been launched by the Manitoba Government in hopes of keeping businesses and homeowners safer.

The program will give businesses and homeowners a $300 rebate for security equipment. It will be a one-time rebate and covers upgrades like security and doorbell cameras, reinforced doors and windows, to go along with fencing, alarm systems, and motion detectors. All purchases must have been made after September 1 of last year to be eligible.

In a release, Justice Minister Matt Wiebe had this to say.

"Law enforcement has told us this is a really important tool for the work that they do," Justice Minister Matt Wiebe said.

The program has a budget of $500,000 and rebates will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Do keep in mind, rebates can cover multiple expenses, up to $300; however, all expenses must be submitted under the same application. Only one application per property is allowed. 

To apply today, head to STAY SAFE

This week in the Manitoba Crop Report generally saw scattered showers, cooler conditions, and some challenges as a result.

The combination led to fewer growing degree days, totaling 95% or less for this time of year.

The northwest was a bit lucky in the rain department, as we had some of the dryer conditions seen across the province.

Across the province, crops are beginning to move along well, though some are dealing with excess water and pest problems.

For Cereals, fall and winter crops have been treated for fusarium head blight, and winter crop conditions are generally quite good.  Fall rye/winter wheat stands are at the milk to soft dough stage.

Grain corn currently ranges from V4 to V6, and Oats and Spring Wheat are averaging four-leaf stage to stem elongation. Some of the earliest crops are nearing head emergence though.

For Oilseeds, canola is between the rosette and flowering stages, Sunflowers are at the V8 to V12 growth stage and Flax crops range from growth stage 4 to 5. there are some locations in the interlake and eastern regions where canola is behind a full-growth stage.

Pulses and soybeans are a bit of a mixed bag. Soybeans range heavily from the first to third trifoliate stages, with development overall delayed due to the cooler temperatures. Field peas find themselves in the 8-10 node stages, and dry beans are in the first and second trifoliate stages.

Cattle are making the most of strong growth due to the moist soil conditions. Farms that are still calving may be supplementing on smaller paddocks close to the yard.

Dugouts and irrigation ponds are mostly recharged, with many rivers full, and some ditches with standing water in them. There seems to be an increase in skunks, raccoons, and coyotes this year, possibly due to the wet conditions in low-lying areas providing more cover. 

Grass and forages are growing nicely, though are wanting more of the hot weather like everything. Bromes and ryegrasses are heading, and alfalfa is mid-flowering. Grasses have headed out, except for big blue stem and little blue stem grasses. It appears to be a promising hay crop ahead, with hopes that the rains will ease during harvesting. 

To get specific to the northwest region, excess moisture is still the biggest problem. some areas have heavy isolated rains, keeping the soil saturated.

Field peas are continuing in the vegetative stage, and most advanced fields are starting to flower. They are looking good for the most part, depending on the region.

The majority of spring wheat is in the late tiller stage. Some areas are looking good, while other areas are moisture-stressed.

Canola crops continue to be quite varied. Some of the earliest seeded fields have bolted and are close to flowering, while some crops are still at seedling stage. Flea beetle pressure continues and requires multiple insecticide applications. With some areas being so saturated, spraying has been delayed, and controlling flea beetles has been a challenge.

Herbicide applications are ongoing as stages are reached; however, wind and wet conditions continue to challenge timely applications. Some poorer fields across the region are starting to bolt due to stress.

Soybean crops continue in vegetative growth and range from one to three trifoliate stages. Growth has been slow and would greatly benefit from some heat.

And finally, Winter wheat and Fall rye crops are headed out.

With a hot, muggy week on the way, growth is sure to be bolstered, but there is still a lot of concern over the amount of rain coming with it.

Until next week, stay safe, and best of luck in your respective fields.

Are you looking for some help getting all signed up to volunteer for the Manitoba Summer Games?

If so, you're in luck. The host committee will be hosting volunteer help/sign-up sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, July 8th. The Games Committee will be on hand to answer any of your questions. All sessions will take place at the Credit Union Place lobby between 4 and 8. 

The MSG will take place from August 11 to 17 in Dauphin and the surrounding area.

The RCMP are on the search for an offender, considered a high-risk, who's evading police.

Clay Branton Starr, also known as Chad Crate, Clayton Starr, Richard Starr, and other aliases is wanted for breaching conditions imposed after his federal release on June 20th.

Starr, 33, was to reside in Sandy Bay First Nation, but is evading police and is believed to frequent the Winnipeg and Brandon area.

 He is considered violent and should not be confronted. Starr is also considered to be a high risk to re-offend in a sexual manner and females are at risk of sexual violence.

Starr is described as six feet tall, 262 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He has scars on the bridge of his nose and his chin, lettering tattoos on his neck, and sleeve tattoos on each arm.

If you have information, please call the Manitoba High-Risk Sex Offender Unit at 204-679-2257 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477

The Province has announced $25,000,000 for Electric Vehicle incentivization for new and recent purchases.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt and Finance Minister Adrien Sala announced this earlier today, to incentivize a large shift to EVs.

For people purchasing electric vehicles, this would mean $4,000 for new, qualifying vehicles, and $2500 for used EVs from August of last year, to March of 2026.

The ministers also noted that Manitoba Hydro will offer Manitobans a financing program to install Level 2 electric vehicle chargers at their homes.

As this works retroactively, Manitobans who purchased an EV since August 1 can apply for this incentive at the MPI website, starting today.

The RCMP Underwater Recovery Team has been called out to five drownings already in 2024, and if previous years are any indication, they expect to be called out to more.

The latest was Saturday when the body of a 31-year-old man was pulled from the north basin of Lake Winnipeg near Grand Rapids.

The man was one of three people who went out on a boat Friday to hunt for moose but did not return home. 

Corporal Kathryn Ternier, Head of the RCMP Underwater Recovery team, says while her team also dives to assist other RCMP units in locating items underwater that are related to an investigation, it is the grim task of recovering drowning victims that keeps them busy. 

She emphasizes that people should not be fearful of the water, but instead need to respect it.

That includes knowing the body of water you are swimming in, ensuring that you are wearing a lifejacket or PFD if you are unaware of the area you are swimming or boating, and avoiding obstacles such as dams or fast-moving water.

You are also encouraged to never swim alone, and to never swim while impaired.

First Nations women interested in a career as an electrician are encouraged to sign up for an information session this week, regarding a 10-month program being offered through First Peoples Development Inc. 

Their Construction Electrician Pre-Employment program is set to begin in early August in Winnipeg.

The program will teach women all the facets of the electrician trade over its duration.

 Program head Pavlo Romanskyi says a special information session for prospective participants is set for this week.

"People that are interested (in registering) can call us at 204-987-9570. It will take place on July 4th at 2 pm.  It is going to be online via Zoom, and it is important to register by July 3rd."

The program is roughly 1,200 hours in length, and participants will have their level 1 electrician accreditation upon completiion with credit for 900 hours towards apprenticeship.

Mossey River Municipality is asking motorists to exercise caution when traveling on some of their roads.

They say some roads are experiencing localized flooding brought on by continued high amounts of precipitation.

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contact the municipal office at 204-656-4791.

The city has announced that Dutch Elm disease surveys are underway in Dauphin.

Provincial inspectors will be in private and public areas in the city over the coming weeks to look for infected trees, as well as elm firewood with the bark still attached - which can spread Dutch Elm disease and is illegal to store.

The inspectors, who will be wearing high visibility vests and government-issued I-D, will knock on your door prior to taking branch samples, marking DED-infected trees, or marking elm firewood for removal. 

Residents are also cautioned that these inspections might take place during evening hours or on weekends. 

The Northwest Metis Council has announced a new location for their Overnight Drop-In Center.

Effective tonight (July 1st), the overnight drop-in center will be moving to the Northwest Metis Council's former office at 40 - 1st Avenue NW. 

It will be open daily from 8 pm to 8 am, and continue to offer a warm and safe environment for people experiencing homelessness. 

Access to the building can be gained through the side door on the parking lot side.

An official grand opening is being planned for a later date.